In 2022, edVirtus is taking professional education to a new level with the introduction of FlexiPlus – your own organisational registration portal that offers maximum flexibility to add, move and replace people on any of our courses during a 12-month period, and with significant financial discounts for bulk registrations.

You can still register individuals on any of our 70+ courses. However, FlexiPlus packages offer more as you can organise all your annual training requirements through one flexible and affordable package.

This is how it works. You prepay for a nominated number of course days. You gain access to a personalised registration portal to allocate your people to any of our courses during the year, up to your total number of purchased course days. You have the flexibility to add, move and replace team members as required. Plus, you receive generous (up to 40%) discounts for bulk placements.

These are the benefits. You can budget upfront with significant financial savings. You have control of your allocations in accordance with your training needs. You have the flexibility to substitute attendees on courses or to move them to later courses as your educational needs and personnel change throughout the year. This is flexibility at its best!

With all this flexibility and affordability, our scheduled course program is stepping up as well, with even more specialist subjects available!

In 2022, edVirtus is offering over 70 professional short courses for managers, project managers, systems engineers, and technologists interested in understanding more about the critical aspects of Capability Management, Systems Engineering and Project Management, Communications Systems, Military Systems, Reliability Engineering, and Laser Safety.

International experts Dr Mike Ryan, Dr Shari Soutberg, Dr Ian Faulconbridge, Dr Craig Benson, Dr Trevor Wheatley, Dr Chris Jackson, Dr John Davies, Mr Matthew Squair and Dr Andrew Jacopino draw from their extensive experience in Defence, industry and academia to present a comprehensive range of professional short courses to individuals and organisations.

Courses are delivered in virtual and face-to-face modes. Live presenters engage with attendees in real time. Attendees receive a set of comprehensive course materials and a certificate on completion of a course.

Organisations can design tailored in-house courses delivered directly to their workplaces or facilitate their own specific needs-based workshops.

In the current global environment, it is so important for individuals and organisations to be strategic in their approach to education and training. During times of uncertainty, a training partner can help to better position an organisation’s current and future workforce. The team at edVirtus understands this and is well equipped to assist in the realisation of strategic educational goals.

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