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Quite rightly, many programs that work across space belong under the joint domain in a Defence context. All services, and indeed Whole of Government, utilise space data.

Pop quiz readers; when was the following written by the Lowy Institute?

Last month, the Plan Jericho team in partnership with DST Group and the Trusted Autonomous Systems CRC hosted a workshop on Ethical AI.

This adage is so old and overused that it has lost all meaning. Prevention as an approach is against human nature in many ways. Why ‘prevent’ or manage something that is a long way off? Or plan for consequences that may never eventuate?

At the Australian Strategic Policy Institute conference last month, Vice Chief of the Defence Force Vice Admiral David Johnston announced that Defence is undertaking a review into national mobilisation.

Employees who enjoy their jobs and gain meaning from their roles are more likely to share information with their colleagues, new research led by Curtin University has found.

Do you ever have those moments where you hear something so out of tune with your thinking that your only response is a slow blink while your brain processes it?

The reinvigorated energy around getting Australia into space, culminating in the establishment of the Australian Space Agency (ASA), has been building for some time.

Sitting out the Avalon air show for the first time since I joined the ADM team (injured not dead, I’ll be ok) made me nostalgic. So I referred to my archives to see what ADM was writing about five years ago in this very column.

When I first started at ADM, my first big trade show was an Avalon Air Show. The endlessly long flightline, huge marquees in a paddock and typical Melbourne-like weather of part swamp and part heat wave depending on the time of day.


The road is long

The December/January edition of ADM is a logical time to look at the year that was and the year ahead.


Communication 101

One of my big concerns this year has been the varying levels of effective communication between Defence and industry.


A cunning plan

As I have written here before, the change in the policy landscape since the release of the 2016 White Paper has been nothing short of remarkable.

In the month before Land Forces kicked off, Army quietly introduced the concept of Accelerated Warfare as their next future statement, complementing the ‘Army in motion’ idea from new Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Rick Burr.


Reporting matters

Once again Budget papers provide more information about the state of the union than almost any other document released by the Department or government.