Welcome to the November 2019 edition of ADM: Comms and C4I.

Managing Editor Katherine Ziesing opens with an editorial on space vulnerability and the joint domain. Katherine also covers the industry briefing for Land 2097 Phase 4, the purchase of EM Solutions by EOS, as well as Army Innovation Day 2019, true collaboration in JP 9102, and Downer’s move into the land domain.

Gregor Ferguson returns with his column on innovation, Deputy Editor Nigel Pittaway covers ADM’s largest-ever Defence Estate and Base Services Summit, and John Blackburn and Ian McDonald return to argue that integrated information architecture should be considered a national security issue.

Shaun Vickers looks at the benefits and possibilities of EW training, Nigel covers sustainment of Army’s Chinook helicopters, and Senior Correspondent Julian Kerr looks at the integration of new ammunition in the M777 howitzers.

Our From the Source interviewee is Managing Director EM Solutions Dr Rowan Gilmore.

The digital edition is available here.

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