• Defence is looking to improve network resilience and redundancy.
    Defence is looking to improve network resilience and redundancy. Defence

The Defence Innovation Hub is seeking innovative proposals in network assurance.

In a statement, Defence said it is looking for innovations that can advance Army’s network resilience, boost network defences or deceive adversaries about the disposition and characteristics of land networks.

“Whilst the contested battle space is enduring, technological disruption is rapidly changing war’s character. These characteristics include the convergence of big data, AI, machine-learning, robotics and unmanned and autonomous systems,” the statement said.

“Our challenge is to underpin technological change with a focus on conducting land combat operations in a more effective and efficient manner by leveraging new technologies to provide a balanced, agile and sustainable fighting capability.

“Defence is seeking innovative proposals that increase network resilience and redundancy; defend the network through reducing an adversary’s ability to deny, disrupt or exploit our information; and/or deceive an adversary as to the nature, disposition and characteristics of land networks and associated force elements.”

Following an initial assessment, 15 respondents will be invited to display and pitch their ideas at Army Innovation Day 2019 on 25 September. The day is an opportunity for Australia’s defence industry to present unique, innovative ideas directly to capability managers and potential users.

Previous concepts to emerge from Innovation Day include SYPAQ’s small unmanned aerial systems and DefendTex’s modular shotguns.

Full details are available here.

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