• Concept art of the Canadian Type 26 variant. BAE
    Concept art of the Canadian Type 26 variant. BAE

Ultra Electronics has signed a significant sub-contract with Lockheed Martin Canada as part of Canada’s Combat Ship Team.

Ultra, as the ASW lead, will provide a low-frequency active and passive towed sonar system paired with hull-mounted sonar, and will integrate these sensors with sonobuoys and other capabilities for wide-area underwater battlespace surveillance.

“Ultra is proud to be a member of Canada’s successful CSC Home Team,” Bernard Mills, President of Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems, said.

“As the underwater warfare lead, we are using our considerable depth of ASW experience and capability to ensure Canada’s new ships will provide an enduring operational advantage to the Royal Canadian Navy.”

The Canadian Surface Combatant project is the largest and most complex procurement ever undertaken by Canada.

Ultra is also responsible for two elements on Australia’s Hunter-class future frigates -  the S2170 torpedo defences and S2150 hull-mounted sonar.

As ADM has reported previously, the Type 26's ASW displays are unlikely to offer commonality with DDG user interfaces. Ultra’s S2150 hull-mounted sonar, however, is a low-risk path to achieving interface commonality as its software is known to contain the ISS integrated processing layer and ISS-derived user interfaces.

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