UMS Skeldar, a joint venture company between Saab and UMS Aero, is to bring its V-200 rotary uncrewed aerial system to the Indo-Pacific region for the first-time next year | Tim Fish

BAE Systems Australia has announced that it is working with small and medium enterprises to support them in uplifting their capability to work on the Hunter Class Frigate Program.

The manufacturer of the S-100 Camcopter rotary wing uncrewed aerial system, Schiebel, will have to scale back operations in Australia if decisions about military UAS capabilities are not taken soon | Tim Fish

L3Harris and Sentinel Boats have partnered to showcase autonomous systems capabilities on Sydney Harbour during Indo Pacific 2023.

Lockheed Martin is developing a version of its familiar Patriot surface to air missile which could one day replace SM-2 missiles | Max Blenkin

Austal, Civmec and Navantia Australia have announced a partnership to propose the delivery of six corvettes to the Australian Government in recognition of the Navy’s need for increased strike capability.

Gibbs&Cox has confirmed it will be proposing a new light frigate design as a possible alternative to the Arafura-class offshore patrol vessels now under construction for the RAN | Julian Kerr

BAE Systems Australia’s shipyard in Western Australia has taken the first steps in constructing the proof-of-concept mast for the Hunter Class Frigate Program.

The new Speartooth Large Uncrewed Underwater Vehicle that has been under development for the RAN has completed trials and is ready for the next stage of development | Tim Fish

EOS has showcased the integration of their laser Dazzler, a non-ballistic countermeasure against uncrewed aerial and seaborne threats, with their R800 remote weapon system at Indo-Pac 23.

Lockheed Martin has delivered the Sea 4000 Phase 6 Combat System Design Agent contract, on time and within budget.

BAE Systems has unveiled a modification to its Hunter-class frigate design, which will increase the number of vertical launch system cells from 32 to 96 | Nigel Pittaway

archTIS has announced the signing of an agreement with Australian Naval Infrastructure to license Kojensi, a service platform that is designed to share sensitive information.

The Sentinel 1250 Littoral Manoeuvre Craft, Matawhā, is on display at Indo Pacific 2023, one of three LMC’s built by Tasmanian manufacturer Sentinel Boats for the Royal New Zealand Navy.

As Australia embarks on its most complex industrial enterprise ever – the construction of nuclear-powered submarines - Navy Chief Vice Admiral Mark Hammond has urged the nation to adopt “strategic patience” | Max Blenkin

Saab Australia has partnered with United States autonomous maritime and undersea surveillance company, ThayerMahan, with an aim to strengthen Australia’s sovereign undersea warfare capabilities.