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    Credit: Defence

The contenders for the Minor Sustainment Activity - Under $20 million are Anzac Anti Ship Missile Defence (ASMD) Follow On Support and Air 5416 Phase 4 B2 – RAAF’s C-130J LAIRCM fitting. These programs were a stand out in a strong field of contenders, according to the judges.

With the Anzac work focusing on the continued support of the world leading CEA phased array radar, CEA Technologies worked within the Warship Asset Management Agreement and the Anzac Systems Program Office (SPO) to deliver significant cost and time savings on the system.

“Building on the strong foundation of the ASMD program, Anzac SPO and CEA Technologies have been able to introduce a comprehensive sustainment program for a world leading technology well below the expected budget in a timeframe that allows more time at sea for a heavily tasked asset,” the judges’ citation said. “With a focus on constant communication and risk sharing, the SPO and CEA have been able to work with the wider Anzac support team to maintain the fleet.”

The C-130J fleet are the workhorses of the ADF, moving people and gear nationally and internationally. But they operate in some inhospitable areas when the need for self protection is key; enter the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) procured Large Aircraft Infra Red Counter Measures (LAIRCM) system. Fitted under sustainment arrangements, this was the first time the system had been fitted outside the US.

At first glance, the fitting of a FMS technology to a RAAF fleet is hardly unusual but the work done by Airbus Airlift SPO to facilitate the upgrade was a clear demonstration of collaboration in action,” the judges said in their citation. “Eight aircraft went through the process in Australia, a world first in itself and a time when Herc operations in the Middle East were at a high tempo. The project outcome was achieved ahead of schedule and under budget, allowing the RAAF to continue operations uninterrupted.”

ADM and the Department of Defence are looking forward to recognising both teams at the D+I gala dinner on July 31 and attending the D+I conference on August 1.

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