• C: Rheinmetall
    C: Rheinmetall

Albury-based manufacturer Milspec has been selected to supply critical products for the Rheinmetall MAN range of high mobility logistics trucks as part of the Land 121 Phase 3B/5B program.

Milspec is one of a growing cohort of local SMEs supplying components and parts to Rheinmetall as it delivers more than 2500 protected and unprotected military logistic trucks and modules to the Army. To date, Milspec has secured $27 million of contracts for this project.

The Commonwealth last year announced an extension to the program by contracting Rheinmetall to deliver another 883 high mobility logistics vehicles, 1044 trailers, and 748 modules.

Under the contract, Milspec will supply roof frames, gunner stands, wire cutters, stowage boxes, signs, brackets and interior components for each vehicle’s Command Control Communications Computers and Intelligence (C4i) systems. The value of the contract is more than $10 million.

Rheinmetall Defence Australia Managing Director Gary Stewart said the company was committed to establishing a high quality logistics supply chain for the ADF.

“This contract is a significant statement about the level of excellence at Milspec. We congratulate the company for establishing a reputation as a premier supplier of subsystems to the defence industry and we look forward to working side by side as we deliver the best possible product to the Australian Army," Stewart said.

Milspec General Manager Neil Morrison said the work carried out by the company’s 90 employees was highly regarded by Australian primes, particularly around the manufacture of electro-mechanical subsystems to the defence industry.

“Milspec’s engineering capabilities address Rheinmetall’s needs to access smart in-country manufacturing capabilities,” Morrison said.

“The development of the Milspec range of permanent magnet alternators is testament to the sovereign capability in leading Australian design for a world market.”

Stewart said Rheinmetall looked forward to announcing future local supply contracts for the Land 121 Phase 3B/5B program and extending the successful partnership with existing Australian SMEs.

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