Sydney is now home to state-of-the-art maritime training simulators following the establishment of a new facility in Darling Harbour by AMC Search.

Cirrus will supply additional workstations both for the existing system at HMAS Watson and for a new system to be supplied to HMAS Stirling.

It is an often-repeated adage that innovation comes from small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and this has certainly been true in the simulation space in the past.

Turning a love for ‘gaming’ into a job is just a pipe dream for many young people, but not for Bohemia Interactive Simulations.

Daronmont Technologies has launched a training and simulation centre through its partnership with UK defence and security electronics system specialist SEA.

The Italian company RINA is claiming to have changed the cost dynamics of the war gaming world.

After years in the making, the Commonwealth and Lockheed Martin Australia have signed a $282 million contract for Defence’s core simulation capability.

Deakin and motion simulation company Universal Motion Simulator (UMS) have welcomed a Defence contract to procure the Reconfigurable Driver Simulator (RDS) for the Boxers.

A new simulator at the Defence Force School of Signals Maritime Wing at HMAS Cerberus will ensure Navy’s newest Communications and Information Systems sailors join their first ships fully prepared.

Defence Science and Technology (DST) and Rheinmetall have agreed to jointly develop a computer-based program that will assist Army commanders in tactical training.

Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) has announced at Land Forces 2018 that the company’s software VBS3 will be used for three major defence simulation projects.

The 12-month course is specifically designed to develop graduates with the high end graphics skills required to build defence-specific 3D virtual worlds.

The Australasian Simulation Congress 2017 took place in Sydney in late August. The theme of People Energising Innovation was apt - as technology in this space advances exponentially there are concerns the workforce to support it is falling behind.

The project brings new challenges to user experience (UX) research as well as concrete research questions.

This year's event featured an inaugural SimYouth program to introduce high school students with an interest in STEM to the rapidly developing field of simulation.

Director Air Force Ranges Darren Manser delivered a talk on Plan Jericho and the role of Live Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training in a fifth generation Air Force during a plenary session at ASC2017.