edVirtus 2-Day Persuasive Presentations Course

Join Dr James Hanson to develop the skills needed to design clear and concise presentations for busy audiences, such as senior managers and clients.

Sophisticated audiences in organisations are best influenced by rational persuasion and evidence, so this course uses a combination of deductive reasoning and explanatory graphics to enhance an audience’s understanding.

The first day uses argument mapping to plan content that is credible, clear, concise and aligned with the strategic priorities of the audience. It also applies information design principles to create explanatory graphics that are clear and effective.

Day 2 focuses on delivering presentations in ways that engage an audience visually, cognitively and even emotionally. Storytelling principles are combined with the deductive reasoning methods from Day 1 to make our content more engaging, as well as persuasive. Participants learn practical techniques for public speaking and tips for managing the anxiety often associated with speaking in public.

Two major exercises provide participants with opportunities to practice their delivery and to receive detailed, constructive feedback. The 2-day course is delivered over three consecutive days with a day off in the middle.

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The Singapore Airshow is a bi-annual opportunity for leading industry players, government and military chiefs to exchange ideas and seek solutions and strategies to advance the interests of the global aerospace and defence sector.


Join Dr Trevor Wheatley for a range of courses encompassing the requirements of AS/NZS IEC 60825.14:2022 and AS/NZS IEC 60825.1:2014.

Join Dr Mike Ryan & Dr Shari Soutberg for a comprehensive overview of how the Australian Defence Organisation delivers and manages capability throughout the Defence capability life cycle.

Join Dr Ian Faulconbridge & Dr Mike Ryan in exploring Systems Engineering, providing attendees with an understanding of the discipline of systems engineering including the associated processes, tools, and management practices.

Join Dr James Hanson and learn how to use 'argument mapping' as a planning technique to write documents that are clear, concise, compelling and convincing.

The ADM 30 under 30 awards will recognise the thirty best and brightest individuals in any field in Defence and Defence Industry aged under thirty.

A high-level policy-driven forum, focusing on creating strategic sovereign maritime capability in the West, upgrading and maintaining Defence estate and infrastructure, as well as fostering a strengthened local Defence industry.

Join Dr Mike Ryan for three days of communication systems fundamentals.


Europe’s largest exhibition and technical conference dedicated for defence training technology will be returning to ExCeL, London from 9-11 April 2024.

UDT, the largest global exhibition and technical conference dedicated for undersea defence technology will be taking place at ExCeL, London from 9-11 April 2024.