edVirtus 3-Day Tactical Electronic Warfare Course

Join Dr Craig Benson & Dr Mike Ryan in Canberra or virtually for their 3-day Tactical Electronic Warfare course that provides attendees with an understanding of the issues associated with the design and operation of tactical electronic warfare (EW) systems in the modern battlespace.

Both communications EW and non-communications EW are discussed. No prior military or technical knowledge is required. Attendees receive a copy of the presenters’ book: Tactical Electronic Warfare.

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Join Dr Mike Ryan & Dr Shari Soutberg for a comprehensive overview of how the Australian Defence Organisation delivers and manages capability throughout the Defence capability life cycle.

Join Dr John Davies for The Introduction to Explosive Ordnance Systems Course which provides attendees with an understanding of explosive ordnance systems, including warheads, rocket motors, pyrotechnics, and propellants.

A collaborative event held in Adelaide for the first time in 2024, the Export Controls Conference is a two-day training and one day conference on the ITAR, EAR and Australian Export Controls.

edVirtus presents Dr Shari Soutberg and Dr Mike Ryan for the 1-day Introduction to Defence course aimed at those who are new to the provision of services and consultancy to the Australian Department of Defence.

Join edVirtus and Bron Rust-Jones for a 1-Day course that provides attendees with an understanding of the underlying concepts and theory of simulation.

The conference will provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the role of Defence in Northern Australia and current and future developments in the region.


Participants in the ISAGA Summer School 2024 will explore topics relevant to developing skills as simulation/games designers and users.

Indian Ocean Defence & Security 2024 (IODS 2024) will explore the theme: Where AUKUS meets the Quad. The conference and international industry exhibition will highlight challenges and opportunities for the region.


The Townsville Defence Forum is a localised policy-driven forum, that will focus on fostering relationships between government, Primes & SMEs to deliver Australia’s sovereign capability and act as a driver for the region’s economy.


LAND FORCES 2024 will be a key meeting hub for Australian and international industry, defence, academia and government.