ODSwR Monthly Engagement Synchronisation

The postponement of the 2021 Seaworthiness Symposium led the Office of the Defence Seaworthiness Regulator (ODSwR) to review our model for engaging with the Defence Seaworthiness Regulated Community and the broader Defence Maritime Community.

Seaworthiness is important and we are now launching a monthly awareness campaign containing Seaworthiness material on ODSwR website – Seaworthiness talks. Join us in the Seaworthiness Conversation and stay tuned for videos and educational content.

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The series will see 40 fully-funded places available to Hunter-based SMEs for each of the 13 training modules that make up the six month program in 2022.


The Australian Defence College (ADC) is inviting Defence industry partners for a variety of short courses and seminars. The first course of the year, run through the Australian War College, is the Public Policy Development and Communications Course.


Defence are delivering their short online course on Technical Data / Intellectual Property (TD/IP) clauses in its ASDEFCON suite of templates.

edVirtus presents three Satellite Communications courses providing a detailed understanding of, and practice in, the issues associated with the design and operation of modern satellite communications systems.

edVirtus and Matthew Squair present two courses for Managers and Safety Specialists who need an understanding of system safety key concepts and practices.

The Requirements Writing course provides attendees with an overview of the practice of writing textual requirements and is therefore ideally suited to those involved in the drafting, reviewing, or approving of function and performance specifications.


If you have experienced moments of self-doubt then join WDNA for their latest 'Beat Self-Doubt' webinar.

Women's Defence Networking Alliance's Beat Self-Doubt and Tame Your Inner Critic webinar: WDNA welcomes Fiona Pearman, co-author of Core Confidence, to our upcoming Lunch & Learn webinar.

Join edVirtus for this half-day course that provides a non-mathematical introduction to lasers and laser hazards.

ICCPM is delighted to present its next webinar entitled "Artificial Intelligence Based Approaches for Supply Chain Embedded Project Scheduling Problems" with Dr Ripon Chakrabortty. The webinar aims to explain the role of AI in complex project scheduling.