ODSwR Monthly Engagement Synchronisation

The postponement of the 2021 Seaworthiness Symposium led the Office of the Defence Seaworthiness Regulator (ODSwR) to review our model for engaging with the Defence Seaworthiness Regulated Community and the broader Defence Maritime Community.

Seaworthiness is important and we are now launching a monthly awareness campaign containing Seaworthiness material on ODSwR website – Seaworthiness talks. Join us in the Seaworthiness Conversation and stay tuned for videos and educational content.

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Defence are delivering their short online course on Technical Data / Intellectual Property (TD/IP) clauses in its ASDEFCON suite of templates.

The Summit’s unique, interactive environment fosters effective partnering between Defence and Industry; a critical factor in achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.


ADM's Women in Defence Awards celebrate talented, determined, successful women who make a positive impact in the defence business arena, as members of Defence industry, Australian Public Service or in uniform.

This major Defence/Industry Conference has evolved into a pivotal event in the Defence calendar, attracting over 600 delegates each year.

The AIDN National Dinner will be held in Canberra on 8th February 2022, where we will present the AIDN annual National Young Achiever Award.

The Conference welcomes military and government organisations, academia, and defence industries to contribute to the future direction of military communications and information systems.


Instead of the previously planned PACIFIC dates in August 2021, INDO PACIFIC will now, in the wake of COVID-19, initially be held during May 2022.

Hosted by the NT Government, this policy-driven event will look at the opportunities for Australia’s Defence industry in Northern Australia.


This year commemorating "Airforce 100", the Brisbane Airshow will be set in the Brisbane Valley, dedicated to the men and women who have served in our armed forces.