PSG Conference 2021 - Protective Security in Government

Cyber Security remains a major threat to our security, our assets and our people. The PSG Conference 2021 - 'Building Cyber Resilience into Critical Infrastructure at Home and in the Indo-Pacific' - will bring together top government officials, leading industry experts, cutting edge innovators and global security thought leaders to offer two days of networking, presentations, conversation and discussion about security governance and information, personal and physical security, and the ever present danger of cyber-based foreign interference with our national interests.

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This year’s Submarine Institute of Australia (SIA) conference – the 6th Submarine Science, Technology and Engineering Conference (SubSTEC6) – will take place at the Adelaide Convention Centre from 8-10 November.

nternational Trade Advisors are presenting a two day training course on the ITAR, EAR and Australian Export Controls.

The Summit will focus on the Australian government’s continuing aim to develop an internationally competitive Space sector.