Radar Fundamentals

Dr Ian Faulconbridge presents an edVirtus professional education course, Radar Fundamentals, which provides attendees with a basic but complete coverage of modern radar technology and associated environmental issues. The course concentrates on key radar system function/performance characteristics and associated constraints whilst avoiding the complex mathematics often associated with the topic. No prior technical knowledge is assumed. Participants receive a copy of the presenter’s book (Radar Fundamentals) and the course slides to help the learning process.

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Major Training Services are the provider to Defence for the delivery of the short online course on Technical Data/Intellectual Property clauses in its ASDEFCON suite of templates to CASG Personnel.


In 2021, the Chief of Army’s Symposium (CAS) will replace CALFS and will include a number of activities focused on partnerships, technology, innovation and people.

Army is hosting the Army Robotics Exposition 2021 (ARX 2021) to facilitate observation and demonstration of RAS concepts and technologies.

Trusted Autonomous Systems will be hosting the Accelerating Trusted Autonomous Systems Symposium on 20-22 April 2021 at ‘The Ville’ Townsville.


Applications are now open for Ipswich City Council’s Operation Scale-Up 2021, a cohort-based pilot program aimed at supporting regional businesses to become defence industry ready.