Radar Fundamentals Course

Dr Ian Faulconbridge presents an edVirtus professional education course on Radar Fundamentals. Over three days, this course provides attendees with a basic but complete coverage of modern radar technology and associated environmental issues. The course concentrates on key radar system function/performance characteristics and associated constraints whilst avoiding the complex mathematics often associated with the topic. No prior technical knowledge is assumed. Participants receive a copy of the presenter’s book (Radar Fundamentals) and the course slides to help the learning process.

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This year’s Submarine Institute of Australia (SIA) conference – the 6th Submarine Science, Technology and Engineering Conference (SubSTEC6) – will take place at the Adelaide Convention Centre from 8-10 November.

nternational Trade Advisors are presenting a two day training course on the ITAR, EAR and Australian Export Controls.

The Summit will focus on the Australian government’s continuing aim to develop an internationally competitive Space sector.