Reliability Engineering Specialist Workshops and Demos

edVirtus presents Dr Chris Jackson with five specialist workshops and demonstrations that drill down on the significant cornerstones of Reliability Engineering. These five courses are for those who are new to reliability engineering and for those more experienced engineers wanting to take their skills to the next level. Attendees who design, manufacture, or otherwise work for a ‘producer organization’ will learn how to create a ‘reliability mindset’ to prevent problems before they occur. These five focused bodies of learning build on the principles of RAM & FMECA to create deeper understanding and to successfully integrate reliability engineering in the workplace. MTBF Demonstration Course - Wednesday 21 June 2023 Reliability Allocation Course - Wednesday 21 July 2023 Reliability Demonstration Course - Wednesday 23 August 2023 Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) Course - Wednesday 8 November 2023 Weibull Analysis Course - 4-7 December 2023 (virtually over 4 days in the AM) - All these courses are delivered in virtual mode and the registration portals are active now.

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Join edVirtus and Bron Rust-Jones for a 1-Day course that provides attendees with an understanding of the underlying concepts and theory of simulation.

The conference will provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the role of Defence in Northern Australia and current and future developments in the region.



Participants in the ISAGA Summer School 2024 will explore topics relevant to developing skills as simulation/games designers and users.

Indian Ocean Defence & Security 2024 (IODS 2024) will explore the theme: Where AUKUS meets the Quad. The conference and international industry exhibition will highlight challenges and opportunities for the region.


The Townsville Defence Forum is a localised policy-driven forum, that will focus on fostering relationships between government, Primes & SMEs to deliver Australia’s sovereign capability and act as a driver for the region’s economy.


LAND FORCES 2024 will be a key meeting hub for Australian and international industry, defence, academia and government.

The Korea Army International Defence Industry Exhibition is a comprehensive display of Korea’s defence industry products, ranging from weapon systems representing K-Defence to power support systems.