Budget + Policy

The government has approved a project to enhance and continuously improve the equipment used by the ADF.

Our society and the ADF would cease to operate if our national energy infrastructure and associated supply chains falter. Yet public awareness of these risks is relatively poor.

Newly-minted Minister for Defence Christopher Pyne has announced the Government’s 2018-19 investment priorities for the Defence Innovation Hub.

In supporting both Department of Defence and Defence Contractor enterprises over many years, ENS International has seen negotiation shortcomings and challenges.

NZ's Coalition government has released its Strategic Defence Policy Statement, reaffirming Wellington's strategic reliance on the rules-based global order.

The 2018-19 budget was a restrained, moderate policy document in virtually all regards. Moderate tax cuts all round, a moderately faster return to surplus a year earlier than planned.

The headline figure of $35.5 billion for Defence spending is on track to meet the government’s commitment of two per cent of GDP funding by 2020/2021.

Funding for Defence spending remains on track this year at $36.4 billion, setting the government on a path to meet their 2020/2021 two per cent of GDP funding target.

The first Defence Industry and Innovation Programs Update Report shows that Defence initiatives are successfully advancing capability and growing Australian industry.

Shadow Defence Minister Richard Marles spoke at the National Press Club in Canberra this week to outline the ALP's approach to Defence policy.

The Defence Industrial Capability Plan has been released, outlining the new Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities framework.

Minister for Defence Marise Payne has appointed Dr Vivienne Thom to conduct a review of the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012.

The First Principles Review (FPR) was to be the review to end all reviews. The national audit body has concluded that Defence is on its way - not there yet, but on the road.

Given the history of the facilities and the contracts that operate them, ADM asked Defence for some clarification on a few key points of the announcement.

Following an interactive and competitive dialogue process with industry, the four successful MSP teams will be led by Jacobs Australia, Nova Systems Australia, Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR), and Downer EDI Engineering Power.