The next phase of JP2060 under Phase 4 will see a Health Knowledge Management solution put in place for the ADF, with a few market players eyeing the program.

The closing ceremony for Exercise Talisman Sabre 2019 has been held in the Port of Brisbane.

Defence has awarded a $95.5 million contract to IBM to deliver the initial design of the Defence Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program.

The ADF's Military Integrated Logistics Information System uses 30-year-old software that will no longer be supported by the manufacturer, with no replacement due until 2022.

Intellectual preparations for the war of the future continue unabated at ASPI.

DST is now working towards achieving designated laboratory status for the analysis of environmental samples in support of international efforts to ban chemical weapons.

Defence and Raytheon Australia have signed a $680 million acquisition contract on the National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System under Land 19 Phase 7B.

It’s February 1962, inside the Pentagon. A team of 45 under the command of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff are preparing to run a game designed to simulate the outcome of growing tensions in Southeast Asia, including a possible American intervention in Vietnam.

Army’s 16 Air Land Regiment has been retitled - one change among several that are now underway.

General Dynamics has been awarded a contract for a prototype of the 155mm XM1113 Rocket-Assisted Projectile round, with Australian industry set to participate.

JP2060 Phase 3 (Deployable Health Capability) has moved to the risk mitigation activity phase, with bidders notified whether they are still in the running.

US Marine Corps personnel are arriving in the NT to commence the eighth rotation of the Marine Rotational Force - Darwin.

The Sir Richard Williams Foundation this week held a seminar on high-intensity operations and sustaining self reliance.

Defence has signed a five-year contract with the SA-based company Babcock for counter-chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (C-CBRNE) support.

Air Marshal Mel Hupfeld has been named as the new Chief of Air Force, and Major General Greg Bilton as the new CJOPS (upon promotion).